hat, embroidered, silver ornaments, antique

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This exquisite hat belonged to a very wealthy family's little prince. It is finely embroidered with peonies, which are symbols of prosperity. Two pairs of silk tassels decorate the sides with the back adorned by a collection of 7 tassels of 7 pastel colors suspended from a single gilded silver ornament. The gold ornament features a swallow which symbolizes good news. A hand made knot acts as a finial completes the look.

The most important feature of this fine piece is the complete set of hat ornaments in pure silver. Each ornament feature an immortal with a scepter in the hand granting wishes and bringing blessings. As small as they are, each figure has fantastic facial features and vivid expressions.

This is a very rare piece that is in remarkable condition. All tassels are intact with beads and knots. The embroideries are clean and beautiful. The silver figures are in superb state.

Completely original. Rare.

Stand included. 8" w x 7" d x 14" h