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This table is made of the most beautiful elm wood. The elm wood is prized for its magnificent grains that resemble mountains. Hand made by a master craftsman, using the traditional joinery methods of tenons and mortises, this impressive table is over 8' long. The construction involves an ingenious "floating panel", which allows the solid wood table top to adjust to climate by expanding or withdrawing within the framework, ensuring structual consistency when solid woods react to humidity.

It seats 8 easily, works in any interiors, be it modern or traditional. Gazing at its mesmerizing grains, one truly feels the joy of sitting at a table of this caliber.

Solid wood. Tenons and mortises. Open seam is part of the "floating panel" structure as above mentioned, not a defect or damage, it is simply solid wood adjusting to climates.

98.25" w  35.25" d x 31.5" h