chest, antique, foo dog w ball

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FEATURES: This highly unusual chest features a pair of rumbustious foo dogs playing with an embroidered ball. Such an image was favored in the 19th century as a sign of protection, good luck and happiness. The foo dogs are painted using a technique that allows the final image to have a raised texture on a flat surface. Such an effect makes the subject vivid and realistic. Beautiful contrasting colors of black and red lacquer dominate the overall color scheme. Along with the chest's natural patina, they create a visual sensation. Five Chinese characters across the top state "Safety and longevity year after year". Interior of the chest is assessed through doors on both sides. A central drawer completes the vernacular look of the piece. Considering the well wishing words and foo dogs, this is likely a piece that was commissioned for the birth of a special child. Solid wood. Tenons and mortises. 

DIMENSIONS: 46" W X 23" D X 32.5" H 


CONDITION: Excellent

CONSTRUCTION: Hand made, hand painted, tenons and mortises

ORIGIN: Shan Xi province

ERA: 19th century