cabinet, wedding, antique, with crown

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An extraordinary Wedding Cabinet with stunning, extremely detailed, original crown.

In the 19th century, a red wedding cabinet is made by a bride's family with its size and elaboration indicating the wealth and social prominence of the her father. This treasured crown features layers upon layers of multidimensional carved animals, deities, flowers, clouds, foo dogs, dragons, all meticulously carved with each and every one expressing good fortune and love. Four men riding horses top the cabinet with a pair of foo dogs guarding the sides. Pagoda shaped fence adds further interest. The carving work is extremely refined, retaining delicate links and connections between motifs. The piercing technique is one of the hardest to apply yet it is extensively used here.

A piece of this scale and magnificence is very rare, especially in such remarkable condition. Absolute finest craftsmanship showcases a master craftsman's superior carving skill.

Interior shelf and drawers. Secret compartment.

Solid wood. Tenons and mortises. From Ning Bo, China.

39.25" w x 67.5" h x 21.75" d