kwan yin, green jade


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19th century Chinese nephrite green Jade Kwan Yin.

The goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin, is sitting on a double lotus pedestal in meditation position. She is holding a bottle in hands before her chest. The bottle contains willow water, according to Buddhist scripts, which has healing power and can grant wishes.

This is all natural, top quality nephrite jade with nice old polish. Its green color is deep and saturated. The polish is smooth, lustrous and waxy.

Kwan Yin has a full, serene face, her facial features are detailed and pleasant, her robe and decorations well defined. Very fine craftsmanship. Such successful execution of an intricate design can only be accomplished by a master jade carver, and it only occurs with the type of natural jade that is of a precious specimen. A single large piece that weights 395 grams is a rare, extraordinary find.

Jade statue: 5" H x 2.8" W x 1.42" D 395 grams.

Hand-carved wood stand with pine and Lingzhi pattern, both symbols of good health and longevity, along with a silk box are included with our compliments.