antique kingfisher hairpins, set of 2

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A set of 2 Chinese kingfisher feather hairpins.

In China's 19th century, the kingfisher feather's beautiful iridescent blue was considered a color of regality. The ladies of the elite class favored jewelries made with the kingfisher father. The varieties include crowns, brooches, hair pins, buttons and bangles. These finely crafted metal pins are adorned with carefully selected feather and highlighted with a single bead of Peking class or coral. One of the piece has a gilded metal, the other one silvered.

Original antique kingfisher jewelry is highly sought after and very rare. These two pieces are in overall good condition with some natural loss of feather.

All natural and original.

Dimensions: right 2" w x 2" w x 0.5" h , left 2.75" w x 1.88" h x 0.38" d