chest, antique, scholar, open light

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FEATURES: The opening feature of this beautiful cabinet is called "open light". It balances the otherwise heavy chest with a sense of airiness. arved multidimensional peonies are the focal point of this piece. Elegant ink watercolor paintings of bamboo and stone hills can also be observed. Poles with carved columns feature exquisite plum blossoms as finials. Center of the framework showcases branches of plum blossom which to ancient Chinese scholars symbolize pride and elegance. Citrons and peaches symbolize blessings and long life. Lower left front of the chest depicts a scholar in the bamboo forest playing the string music instrument Gu Zhen, an expression of sophistication. On the right a pot of persimmons symbolize contented life. 

DIMENSIONS: 67" w x 48" h x 17.5" d


CONDITION: Excellent

CONSTRUCTION: Hand made, hand painted, tenons and mortises

ORIGIN: Shang Xi province

ERA: 19th century