buddha, stone, wei

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This very special piece depicts Buddha in the ancient Northern Wei style. Northern Wei dynasty (386 AD - 534 AD) is one of the most prosperous and civilized eras in Chinese history. It is the dynasty that made the beautiful Chinese its official language, replacing the tribal vocabulary that was prevalent at the time. Stone Buddha Sculpture reached a sensational artistic high during that time. It's prized to this day for its serene, slender portrait of Buddha and simple, fluid lines in sculptural expression.

Buddha is seated with the hand mudra of "compassion and connection with earth and humanity". His smile is slight and genuine. The Buddha image is repeated on the decorated seat flanked by a pair of griffins. Inscription on the base explains the piece's commission by a woman to express her deep gratitude. It is from the style of the carved characters, we date this piece to the 19th century instead of earlier periods.

In remarkable condition. Rare. This piece will ship in its own custom crate.

DIMENSIONS: 11.25" w x 24" h x 7" d

CONDITION: Excellent


CONSTRUCTION: Hand made, hand carved