bed, antique, wedding bed

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Words can not describe the beauty of this magnificent piece.

In near perfect condition, this 6-poster bed is true work of art. The whole structure uses no nails or glues. All posts and panels fit their custom slots as tenons and mortises.

Solid wood panels are intricately carved to display multiple auspicious symbols. Pierced and relief carvings are both used to achieve the artistic goals of the designer/craftsman. Legs and bed's front apron are decorated. Orchids, peonies, chrysanthemums and lotuses symbolize 4 seasons. Boys holding Lin Zhi bring good health. Harmony Gods found on the front side panels bless the family with peace. Bats are symbols of good fortune. Eternity scrolls indicate longevity. The red lacquer is a Chinese favorite, as it is believed to the luckiest color.

A newly made foam mattress is custom made and provided free for your comfort. This fantastic piece can be used as a regular bed or a daybed. It is a spectacular piece that will anchor any room. Entering the bed is as if entering an exotic fantasy land.

All original. Solid wood. Tenons and mortises.

This piece will be disassembled for shipping. Assembling is easy with our clear marking and step by step instruction. No hardware needed whatsoever. Everything just fit perfectly into their own grooves.

85" w x 82.5" h x 50" d