custom appraisal service

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Knowing your treasures, whether out of the desire to understand them, or the need to properly market them, is an important part of being an antique owner.

We make it easy for you. No phone calls, no packing and driving, no stranger in your home. Just photograph and email. 

The followings are required in order to obtain an appraisal for your item:

  • A minimum of 5 photos showing top, sides, details, markings and labels
  • Dimensions and weights
  • Conditions and problems 
  • Any known repairs or damages
  • Any known history or provenance
  • Paid fee of $25 per item (enter 1010 in search box and pay the fee)

Email all information to

All appraisals are done through viewing of photos, so make sure your photos truly reflect the items' scale, proportion and colors. In order to ensure accuracy, additional photos may be required.

Certificate of Appraisal is emailed to you on our letterhead and backed with our 80-year experience and 18-year flawless industry reputation.