exquisite jadeite fairy statue

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Words cannot describe how fine this wonderful piece is. The material is all natural Jadeite Jade, with variations of green, and lavender on the mainly snow white gemstone. The carving is done by a master jade carver with super skills. The fairy seems to be in motion of presenting a shrine to heaven. She is afloat on top of clouds with a bird fluttering its wings to her side. The most amazing work can be observed on the sashes of her robe. They are fluid and seem to be flying in the wind. Ropes of interlocking rings further adorn her flowing dress. The feeling of movement in this sculpture is just incredible. The lines are very thin and perfect. It took tremendous courage and confidence to remove such a substantial amount of materials in order to create the delicate effect. Jade being an extremely valuable gemstone, is often retained in its entirety for the sake of the weight of the final product. Only the master carvers who are fearless in pursuit of their artistic achievements and confident in their exceptional skills make such an extraordinary endeavor. A true work of art in absolutely perfect condition, this magnificent piece is rare and astoundingly beautiful. Jadeite Weight: 474 Grams (2,370 Carats) 544 Grams with Stand. Custom stand and box.

3" d x 5" w x 9" h