fine antique pottery figure flute player

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A beautiful terracotta court lady in the Tang dynasty San Cai style. This is an older piece from our special collection. The court lady is a musician. She is seated holding a flute. Her hair style, full round face, small mouth, long eyes are all typical features of the Tang Dynasty style. Her eyes and brows are meticulously painted in black ink. The eyes are the shapes of tadpoles, a trademark of Tang dynasty pottery ladies. Her cheeks are flushed with a wash of blush pink, which extends to her temples and areas around her eyes, a small, cherry colored mouth and very full face and round chin, all distinctive trademarks of the era.

Beautiful saffron and terracotta colored robe with stamped cherry flowers follow the fashion trend of Tang Dynasty's famous empress. What is special about the piece is not only the facial features, the use of colors but also the shape of the body, crossed legs, pointy feet in slippers and the slightly twisted posture. All of these make the figure come alive.

This is a very special piece that is in its original condition. Such a piece celebrates amazing ancient Chinese beauty and artistry.