dish, fluorite, flower


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This one of a kind Violet Fluorite Dish is stunning. One of the most collectible and highly sought after crystals in the world, treasured by mineralogists and metaphysical healers, Fluorite is an extraordinary creation of nature. Luminous and delicate, vibrant and soft, this crystal is not only exceptionally beautiful, but also carries an ability to protect and guard your safety. It also represents the highest state of mental achievement.

This piece is hand carved from a single Fluorite. The design is well thought out and finely executed.The purple areas are carved into flowers and buds, with the green areas as leaves and body of the dish. The crackles are natural to the stone and they are mesmerizing.

A solid 1" thick ebony slab makes a perfect stand for this beautiful piece. This fantastic stand is provided to you with our compliment. This breathtaking combination will delight the most discerning eyes.

693 Grams. 7" x 6" x 2" h