table, low, scroll

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An ancient design, the scroll table was first discovered in the drawings depicting noble lifestyle in 1600 B.C, China. Its simple elegance is unmatched and ahead of its time. Our beautiful scroll table is completely hand made with every turn and every bend hand crafted and polished to perfection. This table is a fantastic piece for a contemporary home. It's style is timeless, its appeal sophisticated. It works as a stunning coffee table, a low table under the window, at the foot of the bed, the possibility is endless....One of a kind. Absolutely beautiful.

Solid wood. Tenons and mortises.

DIMENSIONS: 58' w x 15.75" d x 15" h

MATERIALS: Solid wood

CONDITION: Excellent

CONSTRUCTION: Hand made. Hand carved. Tenons and mortises

ORIGIN: Shan Xi province