Gilt Bronze Tibetan Teacher Padma Sambhav

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Padma Sambhav was widely recognized as the "second Buddha" and the founder of Tibetan Buddhism. In this remarkable statue, he is seated on lotus with his right foot forward above the edge of the base in an alighting motion indicating readiness to educate and assist. The face is with distinctively bulging eyes, above smiling lips, flanked by elongated earlobes with circular earrings, under strong brows and a tree-leaf high crown. An elaborate dhoti covers his body in multiple layers, with sashes and festoons of pearls. A potent combination of dorje and patra in the hands ward off evils and bring wisdom and protection. This 6.4 lb statue is very finely made with attention paid to great details from the hair to the robe continuing on to the pattern of the boots. A magnificent piece of the great saint and teacher.