grand vase, cloisonne, blue white peonies

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7.50 (in)
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An extra large, tall cloisonné vase. The Cloisonné vase comprises in excess of 10 splendid colors. The overall theme is the full blossoms of peonies, which symbolize great prosperity. Other auspicious symbols include citrons for blessings, lotuses for harmony, fire for vitality, vines for longevity and plum Blossoms for strength. Graceful scrolls of vines enhance the elegance and beauty of the piece. Double rings around the neck provide a visual break, highlight a pattern going opposite direction. Such a design works well for visual balance in a large scale piece such as this piece.

The vase has a very smooth surface, indicating its master artisan craftsmanship. Every hue is very beautiful. This is a piece of extraordinary size and artistry.

Stand included.

8.25" w x 8.25" d x 20.5" h (vase is 18.5" tall)