huge tiger's eye dragon, 3.4 lb

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This is a truly exceptional piece. First of all, this particular piece of gemstone is very large, which in Tiger's Eye is very rare. Most boxes and sculptures are made of several pieces jointed together. Not here. This entire sculpture is made of ONE PIECE of all natural Tiger's Eye that weights 3.4 lb. Secondly, the quality is superior. You can see its fantastic iridescence in the light. That's what's so amazing about Tiger's Eye. On top of that, the carving skill is masterful and craftsmanship outstanding. The dragon comes alive in this magnificent depiction, its expression vivid, its scales shimmering. A custom base made of a whole tree root enhances the sculpture's beauty at the same time ensures its stability.

One of a kind. An exquisite, RARE, piece. Tiger's eye is believed to enable clear vision and great insights.

5.5" d x 8" w x 16" h