lot of 4 antique wood sculptures


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A wonderful collection consisting of 4 pieces of hand carved antique and vintage wood sculptures. There is a vintage, 20th century hand painted Lo Han, a vintage Earth God and a pair of 19th century wood foo dogs. The Lo Han is one of the Chinese immortals who is believed to bring good health. The Earth God wears a robe with tile pattern and a crown. He holds a bowl in his hand symbolizing humbleness and blessing of harvest. The pair of hand carved foo dogs are adorable, they are very old and in great condition. The Foo Dogs symbolize safety and protection.

These pieces are part of our "last piece collection" and are priced to sell.

Lo Han: 3.5" d x 4.25" w x 10.25" h, Earth God: 2.25" d x 2" w x 7" h, Foo Dogs: 2.75" d x 2" w x 4.25" h each