wheel, monumental, antique

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This stunning wheel is a relic from the Chinese warring period when the imperial army fought the invasion of the Mongols. It is made of solid wood, reinforced with solid 1.25" thick iron rim. Total of 189 nails of 1.5" diameters decorate the wheel strengthening it further and giving it an intimidating look. The same iron and wood construction repeats in the center hub. The spokes are curved 2" thick solid woods. The wheel has a different design on each side. The other side features iron nails on iron bands and diamond shaped squares.

This is an extremely heavy, substantial, historically important wheel that is in remarkable, all original condition. It adds the sense of power, strength and boldness to any interior. Its beautiful rustic appeal will anchor your design, making it authentic, rural, modern, masculine and much more.

Solid wood and Iron.