bronze tibetan multi-armed tara, 53"

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  A supreme example of fine bronze work by a Tibetan artist.

This stunning Tibetan multi-armed Tara, the Goddess of Compassion, was crafted with love and great artistry. The multiple arms symbolize many ways to success. It is said she blesses the worshiper with each scepter in her hand, which applies to a specific aspect of life. A decorated halo with fire motif symbolizes vitality and passion for life. Necklaces and sashes adorn her robe. with incredibly fine craftsmanship, the artist created her beautiful hands and fingers. Refined facial feature and peaceful expression further reflect his masterful skill.

Standing at 53" tall, this near life size, extraordinary piece has a fantastic large scale. At once substantial and elegant, this amazing sculpture brings serenity and positive energy to your interior.

53" h x 31" w x 15" d