Natural Lapis Lazuli 4.5 Lb Pegasus Sculpture by Known Artist

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An absolutely stunning all natural lapis lazuli Pegasus sculpture. The 4.5 lb stone is a brilliant royal blue with beautiful glittering of gold and white snow spots. Fantastic work done by a locally renowned sculptor, Shi Dan Xiu. He is known for his very limited work depicting a highly realistic image of a majestic animal in the moment before it takes a leap or a flight. His work is precise, full of emotions and often evoke a strong sense of movement. Pegasus symbolizes good fortune, success and blessings. A custom tree root stand compliments this extraordinary piece of art. 

One of a kind. Highly collectible gem stone piece. Please note the shortage of natural lapis sculpture in today's art market. Specimen can be found but finely carved natural lapis lazuli of this quality, scale, and craftsmanship is exceedingly rare.

Measures: Lapis weighing 4.5 lb, 2.5" D x 12" W x 6.5" H, with stand: 7" D x 14" W x 10.25" H.