natural lapis lazuli horse, pegasus, large 2.6 lb

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A beautiful all natural lapis lazuli horse sculpture. The near 5 lb stone is a brilliant royal blue with beautiful glittering of gold and white snow spots. The great contrast of gold and romantic white against the magnificent blue has a stunning visual effect. The beauty of this precious piece of stone is enhanced by the fantastic carving work. The horse's muscles are well defined. Its expression is vivid. In the hands of a master sculptor/carver, this majestic horse comes alive in all its glory. Horse symbolizes success. A Pegasus, especially, brings good fortune. A custom tree root stand compliments the statue, completing this extraordinary piece of art.

One of a kind. Highly collectible gem stone piece. Lapis weighing 2.6 lb, 5" d x 8" w x 9.25" h