natural lapis lazuli horses, huge 15 lb


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This is an extra large, splendid sculpture featuring a pair of mother and child horses. Measuring at 12" tall, weighing at astounding 18.1 lb, natural Lapis statue in this quality of this magnitude is extremely rare. The stone has brilliant and saturated blue, and beautiful glittering of gold. The great contrast of gold against the magnificent blue has a stunning visual effect. The beauty of this precious piece of stone is enhanced by the fantastic carving work. The theme features two horses in running motion with the mountain as a backdrop. The horses' muscles and wings are well defined. Their expressions are vivid. In the hands of a master sculptor/carver, the majestic horses come alive in all their glory. Horses are symbols of success and prosperity. The Pegasus is believed to bring good fortune. Featuring evergreen pine trees, a custom hand carved sandalwood stand compliments the statue, completing this extraordinary piece of art.

One of a kind. Highly collectible gem stone piece. Lapis" 2.5" d x 10" w x 12" h. With stand: 5" d x 11" w x 15" h