Natural Lapis Lazuli Tiger Sculpture, 2 lb Violet Blue

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A beautiful all natural lapis lazuli tiger sculpture. The 2 lb stone's is violet blue with stunning glittering of gold, a contrast that creates a mesmerizing visual effect. Fantastic carving work shows off the tiger's muscles and paws. A fantastic white tooth highlights the beast's facial feature, making it appear even more frightening and powerful. Looking at the tiger, you can almost hear it roar. A custom tree root stand compliments this extraordinary piece of art.

One of a kind. Highly collectible gem stone piece. Please note the shortage of natural lapis sculpture in today's art market. Specimen can be found but finely carved natural lapis lazuli of this quality, scale, and craftsmanship is exceedingly rare. Lapis weighing 2 lb, 3" D x 8" W x 4.25" H with Stand: 5" D x 8.5" W x 8" H.