Nephrite Jade Buddha

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A Qing dynasty, hand carved, lustrous, solid natural nephrite green jade Buddha. Carved seated on a rock against flame-shaped mandorla, the broad-faced figure rendered with a serene expression by downcast eyes beneath high arched brows above pursed lips, flanked by long pendulous ear lobes and beneath a pronounced hairline framing the forehead and hair gathered into a bun. Buddha holds a vase in the left hand while his right hand rests on the right knee. A long robe drapes gracefully pooling around the legs exposing the right foot. The prominent "y" shape formed by the strong nose and high brows is typical of 18th century Qian Long era, although this piece was crafted in a slightly later period. Photos taken in different lights to show you jade's color. All natural, original, finely carved. 1.6 lb. Jade dimension: 6.5" H x 4" W x 2" D. Custom wood base made in the 20th century.