pair fine playful foo dogs


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A pair of absolutely stunning, extremely fine bronze foo dogs. These pieces are very refined with every parts of the foo dogs well defined. The male holds a globe firmly in his paw, symbolizing the universe. The ball is hollowed. The female holds a cub in her paw, symbolizing family. The adorable and rumbustious cub looks up to his mother. The foo dogs' muscles are strong, their hair curly and beautiful, their expressions vivid. The beauty of these sculptures is in their elaborate, artistic expression. Their lion-like appearances convey a sense of power and vitality. Their playful motions separate them from the conventional stern ones, add a great deal of visual interest. Foo dogs are believed to be guardians of safety and wealth.

male 4.75" d x 9.5" w x 6.5" h / female 5.5" d x 10" w x 7" h