tile, republic era, hand painted, wang ye ting

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Very large tile painting depicts the serene life of a Chinese water village. This is a classic theme favored by the scholars who believe the ideal retirement is simple, isolated existence amid mountains, streams and rural, poetic environments. In the painting, the scholar's idealism is manifested as a poet who contemplates philosophy (standing), a fisherman who exercises patience and a soulful friend to other intellectuals (in the boat). The choice of colors is deliberately soft and gentle with mainly pastels. 

This piece displays all aesthetic hallmarks and style of a renowned Republic era artist named " Wang Ye Ting", who in 1928, when this piece was made, was at his artistic prime. 

Signed " The Beauty of River in Autumn, by the "Sixth Grand", in Fall, Year Wu Chen (1928), at House of Ancient Moon". Frame was added on a later day.

27.5" W X 18.5" X 1"