horse and pottery, terracotta, set of 3

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This collection of Tang San Cai includes a full size vase, a horse and a plate.

The vase has 5 medallions each featuring a flying phoenix. Additional adornments include bees and lotuses. All decorations are raised and painstakingly done creating a fantastic effect.

The horse has beautiful green saddle. Its expression is realistic and lively. The plate is quite splendid really, with ancient pattern of a flower.

San Cai is a glazing technique that reached its prime in China's Tang dynasty. It is famous till this day for its highly artistic style and spectacular drips and colors.

Vase: 16" h x 9" d x 9" w
Horse:12" h x 4.5" d x 11.5" w
Plate: 1.5" h x 9.5" w x 9.5" w