set of 4 chinese pottery horses, with blue streaks


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A rare offering. A beautiful set of 4 Chinese terracotta horses, cream with blue dots and stripes. The set features the horse in 4 happy modes, one racing, one relaxing, two coiled up being playful. Blue streaks are highly artistic and add an almost modern touch to the pieces. Such a style make these horse sculptures fitting for a traditional or an contemporary interior. The San Cai technique started in Tang dynasty, has more than a thousand years of history. It produced the most splendid pottery that is treasured till this date.

Upper left 5.5" d x 9" w x 7.5" h
Upper right 4.5" d x 6.5" w x 8.25" h
Lower left 5" d x 6" w x 9" h
Lower right 4" d x 12" w x 7.5" h