box, tiger eye, doberite, cedar

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A stunning, completely hand made box made with brilliant Tiger Eye. The shimmering gem tone displays an intriguing picture of sand, sky, ocean, mountain, desert and caves. This is a very rare, highly valuable piece, as unlike most Tiger Eye boxes that are made with multiple joined strips, this box features a single, large slab of Tiger Eye in its entirety.

The black quartz Dolberite enhances the beauty of the box by adding masculinity and contrast. Beautiful Spanish Cedar lines the box, ready to hold your treasures.

This is a very handsome box to be given as a gift or used on a desk. Its fantastic beauty is mesmerizing. Tiger Eye is believed to give you power and enables clear vision and insights.

One of a kind. 885 grams.

6 1/4"  W X 4" D X 2" H