Vintage Gilded Tibetan Green Tara

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A beautiful seated figure of Avalokiteshvara, commonly known as the Green Tara. The bodhisattva is shown seated in lalitasana with the right foot supported on a lotus stem that projects from the front of the double-lotus base. The hands are held in vitarkamudra with the left hand in front of the chest and the right hand resting on the knee, each holding the ends of a lotus stem, extending up the arms to flank the shoulders. The graceful figure wears an elegantly draped dhoti secured with a festoon-hung sash, beaded necklaces, armlets, large circular earrings and an elaborate tiara anchoring a high chignon. The small, exquisite face with arched eyebrows and downcast eyes casting a serene aura. Green Tara is known for fast action in making a dream come true.