Gemstone Globe

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This exquisite mother of pearl globe is a luxurious masterpiece, adorned with a fantastic collection of semi-precious gemstones including lapis, jasper, turquoise, agate, aventurine, serpentine, onyx, rose quartz and many more. The globe features stunning Chinese and Japanese white mother of pearl, Tahitian south sea mother of pearl and abalone shells, creating a dazzling visual effect. Beautiful golden brass lines mark altitude/latitude. It rests elegantly on a copper alloy base with a built-in compass while being encircled by a marked meridian attached to the north/south poles and the stand, allowing it to be rotated and viewed from any angle. Finely crafted, perfectly inlaid and flawlessly smooth to touch, this globe is not only a functional navigational tool but also a striking, sophisticated piece, perfect for adding a touch of opulence to your library and office.