panel, antique, with mother of pearl

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Splendid panel features scenes of "Night Visit", " Reporting to Master" and "The Proposal", three parts of a Chinese opera. Besides refined carvings of human figures, this panel demonstrates exquisite execution of lines such as handle of the lantern, the lattice rail work, and the legs of furniture. Very thin lines hollowed out from the back give fantastic three-dimensional effect. Such carvings are done with great precision and impeccable skill. Other details such as the coin patterned door frame, mother of pearl encrusted tile flooring, furniture, shoes and attires are wonderful visual art. Pine trees symbolize ever lasting prosperity and long life. Prunus blossoms are for strength and beauty. Dragons are symbols of authority and good fortune. Original moss green color achieved beautiful patina due to its mineral ingredients.

 Such a panel is the center piece of an elaborate carved bed in the 19th Century.

 DIMENSIONS: 36" w x 14" h x 1.5" d


CONDITION: Excellent

CONSTRUCTION: Hand made. Hand painted. Hand carved and gilded. Tenons and Mortises.

ORIGIN: Fu Jian province

ERA: 19th century