antique gilded cabinet, fully carved

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This rare, magnificent, fully carved, gilded cabinet was a scholar's treasure chest. Hand painted door panels depict the scholar's peaceful retirement life at the village. At one scene, he was tending to his garden while receiving a visitor. At another, he was reading a scroll book while one of his friends called upon him. Fully carved panels showcased a scene from an opera of a victorious historic battle, a favorite theme in ancient China. Spectacular details include the flags, fans, horses, armors, crowns were among the most amazing works. Clear facial features and vivid expressions can be found on the miniature 1/2" faces.

The full-capacity cabinet has an original, removable vertical center bar with its own locking peg to ensure doors stay shut at the same time preventing theft. Beautifully embossed hardware adorn the cabinet.

This is truly an exceptional work of art crafted by a master with superior wood carving skill, passion, patience and superb discipline and standard.

Solid wood. Tenons and mortises. Fu Jian Province. 19th century. 

22.5" d x 38.5" w x 51" h