Important Pair Polychrome Buddha Statue

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A pair of very rare, exquisite, antique bronze statues of Avalokiteshvara. The Bodhisattvas are seated in lalitasana, the "royal ease", with one of their feet supported on a lotus stem that projects from the holy beasts they are riding on. The hands are held in shuni mudra, symbolizing patience and discipline, with the other hand resting on the knees and one of the Bodhisattvas holding a Ruyi. The graceful figures wear shawls covering the shoulders and elegantly draped dhotis secured with sashes, beaded necklaces and armlets. The sensuous full faces with slender eyes casting a serene and meditative aura, below evenly arched eyebrows, the forehead centered with urnas, all below neatly arranged high chignons topped with tiaras with festooned bands supporting seated figures of Amitabha Buddhas. Beautifully adorned Foo Dog lion and elephant indicates the Bodhisattvas are Goddess of Compassion and Goddess of Wisdom respectively. They appear to be on top of the mountains with clouds hanging below, a sign of heavenly paradise. A rare offering. Remarkable condition. Dimensions listed are for each statue.