ming style bronze incense burner, temple model

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This exquisite Ming Xuan De style incense burner is the exact model of a traditional temple censer. The burner consists 2 parts, a large pot and a cover shaped like the roof of Chinese pagoda. The pot is engraved with scenes of a scholar's retired leisure life. He is seen watching a boy feeding a swan and resting with a fan. Such a theme is a symbol of good fortune and enlightenment. The top is elaborate and beautiful. The roof tile is deliberate and concise with a gourd shaped final. Open works allow the incense smoke to escape to perfume the air. Engraved poems on the frames express enlightenment, blessings for prosperity and longevity. The traditional 3-foot design is typical of Ming style. The feet are decorated with the foo dog motif, a symbol of stability.

Solid bronze. Handmade. A classic design dating 15th century Xuan De period in Ming dynasty.