snuff bottle, goat

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FEATURES: Completely hand painted, on both sides, within the bottle, are the amazing arts our master artists coneceived and delivered in a meticulous manner. A 3-hair brush dipped in desired color is lowered carefully into the bottle and magic happens when the artist paints with it towards his face. The Reverse-painting technique requires many years of study and apprenticeship and is facing extinction. A splendid, natural carnelian gem tops off each of our bottles which are made with great patience, love and artistry. Price is for 1 bottle. Photo shows the bottle's 2 sides.

SYMBOLS: Goat for peace and gentleness

DIMENSIONS: 2" x 2' x .75" d 

MATERIALS: Glass, Watercolor ink, Carnelian (agate), Each piece comes with a free decorative box. 

CONDITION: Excellent

CONSTRUCTION: Hand made, hand painted


NOTE: Bottle's hand blown glass bottom might be uneven, rotate the bottle until it stands on surface. To perserve the art on the inner walls, nothing should be put in the bottle. Boxes are chosen randomly and based on the art design and box availability.