Antique Original Japanese Temple Singing Bowl 12" G3

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Nestled within the sanctity of time, an ancient Japanese Temple singing bowl resonates with history and reverence. Hand crafted, its exterior tells tales of generations past, while the interior exhibiting a splendid patina encompassing colors of copper, turquoise and gold, a testament to its journey through the ages. Emitting a clear and bright G3 tone, this sacred vessel channels the essence of healing, specifically targeting the throat chakra, a wellspring of inspiration and truth. Once positioned in the temple before Buddha, with spiritual significance it enables more effective meditation and connection to the world of enlightenment.  Etched with signature of its maker, this rare antique, weighing 5.7 pounds, stands both as a cherished relic and functional vessel in modern days. Accompanied by a new wood and leather striker, it beckons seekers of harmony and wisdom to immerse themselves in its ancient song.