screen, set of 8, qian long period

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This is very rare, unusual screen from China An Hui Province. The 8-panel screen depicts a long article written by an imperial official for his cousin honoring his various virtues as a scholar. It was presented as a birthday present. The article is written in calligraphy with gilded ink. It is dated "48th year into Qian Long's reign" which puts the piece in year 1759.


Carved motifs include treasure pots and dragons, symbols of prosperity and good fortune. Back of the screen show images of pine trees and a monkey, possibly the scholar's zodiac sign. Pine trees were also appropriate as they symbolize longevity and vitality.


The other special feature of this screen is its size. This is a beautiful, solid yet delicate looking screen, unlike the heavy, bulky ones that are commonly made.


Solid Wood. Original hardware. Rare.


DIMENSIONS: 8.75" w x 37" h x 0.75" d EACH PANEL


CONDITION: Excellent

CONSTRUCTION: Hand made, hand carved, tenons and mortises.

ORIGIN: An Hui province

ERA: 18th century