Tiger's Eye Water Moon Guan Yin

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A magnificent natural Tiger's Eye sculpture depicting the compassionate Bodhisattva Water Moon Guan Yin, Avalokiteshvara. Backed by a lotus leaf and on top of water wavers, Avalokiteshvara is shown seated in rajalilasana, the ‘posture of royal ease’, wearing a flowing robe draped over the shoulders and falling in graceful folds around the legs, the face is finely carved with a gentle smile below the hair gathered into a chignon behind the diadem. The sensuous full face with almond-shaped eyes casting a serene aura, all below evenly arched eyebrows and above a small bud mouth, the forehead centered with a circular urna. The entire sculpture carved out of a solid boulder of finest grade Tiger's Eye displaying fantastic iridescence. One of a kind. Custom solid wood stand. Tiger's Eye weighing near 5 lbs.