Chess Set Lapis Serpentine 15.5"

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This large, one of a kind gemstone chess set is a stunning testament to traditional craftsmanship and unparalleled artistry. At its heart lies a magnificent lapis lazuli chessboard with hand-cut mosaic of blue lapis lazuli and verdant serpentine gemstones, each piece painstakingly fitted, all enclosed by an elegant inlaid butterscotch granite border. Complementing this luxurious board are 32 exquisitely carved chess pieces of 2"-3" height, half fashioned from verdant green serpentine and the other half from deep blue lapis lazuli, each piece a sample of natural beauty and authenticity. Whether displayed as a work of art or engaged in spirited gameplay, this exceptional set promises to transform any game night into a regal affair, blending luxury with tradition in perfect harmony. Housed securely within a plush velvet box for easy travel and storage.