Gilt Bronze No Fear Udanaya Tibetan Buddha 13"

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A magnificent gilt bronze statue of Tibetan Buddha Udanaya. Poised upon a large lotus plinth, the Buddha is depicted in the "no fear" abhaya mudra gesture, symbolizing the dispelling of fear. The broad-faced figure, with downcast eyes beneath high arched brows, exudes a serene and smiling expression that imparts a sense of security and inner peace. Long, pendulous earlobes adorned with large hoop and rosette earrings. Buddha is crowned with an elaborate headpiece, adding to the statue's regal presence. Draped in a long robe cascading in u-shaped folds, meticulously detailed to cover the upper torso before gracefully descending around the arms, hands, thighs, and feet, the figure exudes an air of grace and elegance. Very fine craftsmanship done with superior artistry and great devotion by a Tibetan artisan. Through the warm smile and gentle gaze, the Buddha's expression conveys reassurance and protection, leading the way to find solace and courage in the presence of divine compassion.