Grand Malachite Box 10 lb

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A truly exceptional extra large malachite jewelry box. On raised feet the box with malachite of various patterns and spectacular natural vein of blue chrysocolla. Malachite ranges from light to dark green, in a rare case, exhibits a vein of blue chrysocolla, whose contrast creates a dimension of natural, brilliant beauty.  An inlaid onyx band wraps around the box brings elegance and pleasant visual contrast. The same design is repeated on the cover. A specially selected bullseye piece was used to craft the knob. Box is hinged and weighs a substantial 10.25 lb. Meticulously hand made with fine grade gemstones. A stone of great power, malachite influences in the area of protection and wisdom. Our malachite boxes are of the highest quality. We have another piece of the same size by the same artist, so it is possible to make a magnificent pair.