Lapis Shiva Statue

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A rare 8.5 lb all natural lapis lazuli statue of Shiva, one of the most worshipped Hindu Gods. Hand carved by a master Indian artist, using the finest lapis lazuli gemstone with the most saturated, brilliant cobalt blue. Seated dyana asana on a throne supported by a tiger, Shiva holds a weapon of trident in his right hand and a damaru drum in his left. The serpent king Vasuki wraps around his neck and the third eye on his forehead. The face with downcast eyes and serene expression. Hair gathered in a high chignon. Shiva wears bracelets on his wrists and a short dhoti that ties around his waist. A cobra rising on the right side, behind his right hand in No Fear mudra. He is the God of evil destruction and creator of new life, curer of disease and presenter of beauty and kindness. This magnificent statue with highest grade lapis, fine depictions and great detail is an one of a kind treasure. Comes in a custom velvet box.