Qing Vermillion Carved Armoire

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An extraordinary 19th century Qing dynasty 4-door vermillion cabinet with fine works of carving, painting, gilding and silvering. The solid wood construction consists of four frame members joined by tenons and mortises. The top and the main body connects through a decorative waist with carved begonias. Two center doors on dowels carved with the He-He Harmony Gods on the caps and two side doors operated by wood pegs on the frames. The top section of the doors feature three-dimensional carvings of noblewomen enjoying a garden. Fine depiction of architectural elements such as columns, fences, pavilion and stone flooring, as well as furniture, plants, and decorative objects. Both gilding and silvering are used to highlight the figures and to give more depth to the surroundings. Below the carvings are four oval medallions with carved poems, expressing joy in the spring season for renewed good fortune and prosperity. The beaded ovals are surrounded by elaborate scrolls of relief carvings in the "longevity" motif. Immediately under the oval sections are a set of 4 carved panels featuring birds on peonies and chrysanthemums. Further down, four octagonal panels with paintings of cranes and roosters on black lacquered backgrounds, symbols of long life and vitality. Surrounding the panels are fine relief carvings of ruyi for wishes granted. Under the doors, the section that hides a secret compartment is decorated by three silvered carvings of peonies, pomegranates, and bonsais. A pair of very finely carved pierced spandrels support and adorn the the legs, concluding this Qing Dynasty master piece. Interior with a removable shelf, a later-addition hanging rod and secret compartment. This splendid cabinet is a work of art that will remain timeless in your collection and interior design.