Set of Two Fencai Porcelain Boxes Chinese Republic Era Marked

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This set of two hand-painted fencai porcelain round boxes from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic era is a charming representation of Chinese artistry and symbolism. Each lid, slightly domed, vividly depicts five boys playing in a garden. One boy holds a fish, symbolizing abundance, while another carries a lantern for a bright future. The remaining three boys, playing a gong, drum, and chime, represent good news. All are dressed in traditional clothes and hairstyles, set against a backdrop of scholar's stones and pine trees. The sides of the lids are adorned with pomegranates and citrons, symbolizing blessed families. The bottom of the boxes features scrolls of peonies, denoting prosperity. Markings on the boxes further emphasize the theme of family heritage and continuous prosperity. These refined boxes not only showcase meticulous craftsmanship but also convey deep cultural meanings, making them a treasured addition to any collection. 2.5" h x 4" w / 3.5" h x 5" w