Tibetan Singing Bowl 13" Buddha

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A giant 13-inch singing bowl, weighing over 6 pounds, crafted from solid bronze with intricate inlay works. The interior at its center sits Buddha on a lotus throne in dhyana asana, surrounded by an aura of divine illumination. Behind him, a radiating halo and sea currents flanking an open path of rescue and safe passage. Encircling the Buddha are multiple rings of wheat, lotus petals, and leaves, symbolizing hope and prosperity. The exterior with Sanskrit scripts gracing the main body, offering blessings to humanity, while canopies of umbrellas, one of the eight Tibetan treasures, provide shelter and protection. At the base of the bowl, an open bloom of the lotus flower is surrounded by additional rings of lotus petals, all serving as symbols of peace and enlightenment. The bowl's beautiful deep F2 note for Heart Chakra Healing, soothes the souls while echoing unconditional love. This substantial piece crafted with wonderful artistry purifies one's environment, brings forth serenity to those who encounter its resonant tones, offering a gateway to inner peace and transcendence. Complimentary wood/felt striker and wood/suede mallet.