Vintage Hardware Good Fortune Shadow Box

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A beautiful vintage shadowbox of solid brass hardware. The exceptionally large door plate is prominently featured, displaying great details of a finely engraved good fortune theme. The main scene is a family compound, with the patriarch on the right seated on a stone bench, watching his grand children playing in the garden. On the left the master of the house, surrounded by his family. Two boys practicing martial art on the pebbled foreground with another pair in the back franking a mounting heap of gold, in front of a moon gate with the word "Good fortune" carved on the door. Beyond the compound is a tall pine tree reaching up to the sky, a sign of everlasting wealth. An outer ring depicting eight immortals anchored in four corners by characters of four season further supports the Good Fortune theme. A solid 2" high brass hanger completes the traditional, elegant look. This piece is in good vintage condition and ready to hang. Some dusts on the inside of the glass due to age. Weight 5.5 lbs.