wash stand, antique

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This beautiful piece remains beloved in our "Southern Culture Vernacular Collection". Its delicate but decisive execution of carvings demonstrates the craftsman's super artistic skill. The overall scroll work is of the "water grass" pattern, a motif that's favored in southern fishing villages. A pair of stylized dragons decorate the top bar while a prominent "longevity" symbol acts as a focal point in the middle. Handsome hoof legs are another southern favorite used widely in Ming and Qin dynasty.

Such a piece is used by a lady in her bedroom for washing of face and hands. A drawer keeps toiletry handy while the horizontal frame works enable hanging of handkerchiefs and towels. The extended "dragon heads" also provide spaces to hang her necklaces and scarves during cleansing.

Used at the end of a long, narrow hallway, in a niche, a sophisticated bathroom, or as a plant stand, this elegant piece brings a sense of subdued exotica to your interior.

Solid wood. Tenons and mortises.