Eglomise Reverse Painted Snuff Bottle Set of 2 Boys

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These two crystal glass bottles are works of art painted from the inside by a skilled artist wielding a 1-hair brush. With deft precision, the artist captures scenes reminiscent of 19th-century childhood, where boys clad in traditional attire engage in various games, each bottle presenting a unique tableau of youthful joy. In the first bottle, one boy dressed in orange and the other in red holding a lantern beneath the willow trees, while the reverse side showing a boy in blue gleefully partakes in "hide and seek". The second bottle depicts two boys eagerly chasing butterflies with a net while on the reverse side, a lively game of soccer unfolds under the canopy of bamboo. Every facial feature is meticulously rendered, imbued with vivid expressions. The colors dance with vibrancy, showcasing the artist's fine artistry and attention to detail. The bottles are capped off with natural gemstone agates, adding a touch of luxury to the already enchanting compositions demonstrating a world of youthful exuberance.